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1. What Kind Of Cakes Do you offer?

classic cake

Our Classic Cake  consist of Layers of Cake, cream ,jelly and mousse of our signature combination.

Buttercream Cake

Consist of Layered Cake ( flavours of your own choosing)

and french buttercream


fondant cake

Consist of Layered Cake ( flavours of your own choosing)

anditalian buttercream,covered with Chocolate Ganache

2. How Do i Order?

We have Some Our Classic Cake always ready on our Showcase. Please call us on +6281808681818 or +623614748789 for

For custom cake please pre order 3-5 days prior

3.Can i pre -order cake from overseas?

Yes, Please contact us on

or contact us by our whatsapp +6281808681818

We have accept range ways of payment

We offer payment by Paypal , bank transfer ( domestic bank)

American Express, Visa , Mastercard ( on the spot payment)

4. Do you offer delivery ? and how much for delivery?

Yes, Please contact us on

or contact us by our whatsapp +6281808681818.

Our Delivery Fee's rate are depending on Area of delivery

(Please refer to Grab Fare).

5. What Do you offer?

Birthday Cake, Custom Cake, Bridal Shower Cake & Cupcake, Baby shower cake Cake, Wedding cake & Engagement Cake, Custom Icing Cookies, Canapes , Sweet Corner

Cookies Hampers, Bread and cake slice ( on our Pastry Shop)

Smash & money Roll Cake , and many more.

6. Do we have to put the cake in the fridge?

Our Mousse cake last max 1-2 hours indoor, as our product are using butter and full dairy cream.

Our buttercream cake can last 3-5 hours outdoors/

Please let us know if you need cake for outdoor occassion

7. How long does the cake last?

Our Cake Last 3-5 days in fridge

( stored in Box to keep it from drying)

Or 12-18 Hours at room temperature ( only for buttercream cake)


-. There will be additional 30% surcharge for late order ( depending on our availability as well) which is below 5 days for custom cake fondant

-. For Delivery using Grab or Go car, we will Notify driver and send cake photos prior delivery, any damage occur during transport by Go car is above our responsibility

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